Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation

Lucia Mar X Prize: “Our Kids First” Open Call

Please complete the form below to best of your ability. This Application is designed to help facilitate a conversation, not disqualify applicants.

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Project Focus
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Please consider: ● The mission of Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation is to engage, challenge, and inspire all of our children by partnering with the school district to support educational innovation and excellence. The Foundation supports projects that in addition to being innovative will, if successful, be sustainable, promote, 21st Century skills and foster professional development within the district. ● Lucia Mar Unified School District’s four key areas of focus include: (1) Student achievement, (2) Climate & culture, (3) Future Ready, and (4) Organizational Excellence. ● Projects that support both LMFI’s mission and LMUSD’s four pillars will be given preference. (200 Word Limit)
Information to include: ● Name of project: ● Challenge: ● Target beneficiaries: ● What’s your innovative idea? ● How does it solve the challenge/problem? ● How long will this project take to develop and implement? ● What’s its intended impact?
E.g. Is it an idea? Is there a prototype/proof of concept developed? Is it tested and ready to scale? Has it already been implemented at scale? (150 Word Limit)
What is your execution plan (e.g. step by step)? What needs to happen to make your project a reality? (200 Word Limit)
Financial information
Don’t let these questions scare you. We are just trying to get a sense of where you are in the process and if you have secured other funds to help support your idea!
How much of this is one-time startup costs vs. ongoing expenses to keep the program running? (100 Word Limit)
It's ok if your answer is no.
Intended/Expected Impact
Please include quantitative and qualitative assessment, if possible. The more specific, the better. (150 Word Limit)
How will you measure these indicators? (150 Word Limit)
Innovation & Reach
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For example, will you create a model that other grade levels or schools can replicate, scale through district implementation, etc? (150 Word Limit)
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