The Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation

About the foundation

The Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation was established in December of 2010 by community volunteers who sought a way to support local education in a coordinated, strategic manner. The Foundation targets community resources which would not have otherwise been involved in local schools, connecting individuals and businesses with the district's visionary programs and initiatives. By partnering with the community, we raise the level of participation in our schools and increase funding for all students.

The Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation helps provide the resources and vision required for students to master the skills needed to contribute to society, be successful, and have a competitive advantage in the global economy. We are a key component to a continually thriving South County community and economy.

The Foundation for Innovation identifies and supports the most promising and innovative programs and practices that will allow our students to master 21st Century Learning Skills. We provide additional resources to ensure opportunities in technology, arts, foreign languages, and other 21st Century skills. We work in partnership with the district to create programs and practices of excellence that are innovative, high-impact, and results-oriented.